Micro Bread Baskets

Micro Bread Basket Blue and White Check


The Micro Bread Basket is used to keep your food hot whilst serving it at parties, dinners or any time you want. It is the perfect way to serve warm bread rolls, croissants, mince pies, hot potatoes, pizza, foil-wrapped foods etc.

Easy to use, it contains a gel pad that is heated in the microwave and with its toggled fabric cover design will retain the heat for over half an hour, allowing you to enjoy warm food.

Available in a range of designs, the Micro Bread Basket is designed to hold up a casserole or dish placed inside it warm, maintaining an ideal and safe holding temperature for delicious food without the fierceness of the oven.



  • Inner micro gel pad size: 20cm x 30cm
  • Inner micro gel pad can be reheated time and time again
  • Please allow at least 30 min before reheating the pad
  • Cover for basket is machine washable at 40°C
  • Inner micro pad should be hand washed only, and let dry naturally
  • Microwaveable, benign gel contents stay warm for 30 minutes