12 cup Cafetiere Jackets

Cafetiere Jacket 12 cup Red Berry


Surprise your guests with our different and colorful designs.

Our Flectalon reflective lining insulating jackets will make sure your coffee never goes cold for a period of at least 3 hours as well as having different color choices, so you can add some fun to your breakfast table!

Simply wrap the Flectalon jacket around your 3-, 8- or 12-cup cafetiere and enjoy your coffee warmer for longer.

These cafetiere jackets can also be personalised with your own bespoke logo and/or design colour, please contact us for a quote and lead time.



  • Flectalon reflective lining keeps your tea or coffee hot for longer
  • Can be used for insulating other jugs/cups etc
  • Cafetiere not included with this product