Microwave Dish Heaters

Microwave Dish Heater Blackwatch Tartan


The Micro dish warmer is a supersized micropad to use on your serving dishes and extra large plates. These versatile pads can also be placed in a bread basket to keep your rolls toasty or for keeping anything hot for up to half an hour.

Simply put the Microwave Dish Warmer into the microwave, heat up and place on your dishes and plates to keep them warm during a meal. Full instructions are supplied with the product.

These high-quality cotton drill Micro dish warmers are hand washable and never lose their heating abilities, even after hundreds of uses.



  • Size: 30cm (11.8") x 20cm (7.8")
  • Microwaveable, safe gel contents stay warm for 30 minutes.
  • Please allow at least 45min before reheating the gel pad again.
  • Hand washable (not recommended for machine washing).
  • Available in a range of cotton drill designs.
  • Supplied in a retail pack of 1